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Entreprenörsdriv - Sveriges största podd om entreprenörsskap sedan 2015. Jag pratar om drivkrafter och företagande, med gäster och med mig själv. Med mer än 640 avsnitt är detta Sveriges största podd inom företagande och drivkrafter. Tomas är programledare och producent.Vill du komma i kontakt med mig så kolla in 

Dec 17, 2017

On June 15, 2017, Kristian Andersson experienced an extraordinary lunch in Jönköping-Sweden, as he felt that others should experience. Therefore he started Iunchin, a lunch network which today has over 7000 members. A kind of LinkedIn live which is currently available in 50 locations in Sweden. In this episode Kristian tells how it started and the vision to be 5 million members in 5 years. We are talking about value bases and why LunchIn has grown so fast. Kristian also tells about the coming Crowdfunding for LunchIn, where everyone can become a share holder.